Now for seconds!

Look what I’ve done! I’ve added my cute header… and I’m lovin’ it. I made that on photoshop and I think it’s so me. I love turquoise and plaid! See, I also placed some widgets on the side, but not too much. I think it’s coming together quite nicely, don’t you think? I’m still camera shy, but we’ll get to that later for sure. Like I said, nice and slow. : )


2 thoughts on “Now for seconds!

  1. Yaaayy!!!! You’re a blogger, Anne. Good for you! Congratulations on that first step. I’ll be checking in on you. Keep up the great work. – Shannon C.

    • Wow! You’re the first one to call me a blogger. I’m liking it. : ) Thank you for the encouragement. I hope I can get past this post. It seems like I’m editing forever…Hah hah! Thanks again. : )

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