Handsome Pants

Who in the world would believe I could actually make a piece of clothing? I wouldn’t. My friends couldn’t. But my husband did, and he was right. I DID IT!!!

Here’s the juice. I recently bumped into a really cool blog called MADE and Dana featured a super doable Kids Flat Front Pants Tutorial. It’s so adorable I couldn’t resist it! So I went out to get my fabric for this project. I only bought 1 yard (45″ width) of Oxford cotton, not the ideal choice as you will find out later. The tutorial included a free pattern (for joy!) for 2-3 year olds, so I had to make a few freehand adjustments to make it fit my 6-year-old son. Check out the finished product!

I initially made them without the pockets just as in the tutorial. But when I showed my first creation to the boys, they all applauded in unison, “Wow Mom, you made pajamas!” Grrrrrr. When my youngest heard it, he simply refused to put it on because he said it was for sleeping! I naturally gave my older boys the “dagger look” to which they replied with a “Whattt??” look. So back to the drawing board… sewing machine, rather… I went. Good thing I was able to save the scraps and come up with enough to make front and back pockets.

I went back to Dana’s site and guess what? Kids Pants with Pockets Tutorial! How convenient is that! The tutorial only showed front pockets. I had to add back pockets so I could really erase the annoying pajama impression from the boys. Since it’s just patch pockets, it was a no-brainer. When I showed it to my audience the second time, they said, “Now that’s what I call pants!” With a bit of convincing that they are not sleeping pants but HANDSOME PANTS, my big guy finally agreed to wear them out to the mall. And boy did he rock it!

There’s the famous Nacho Libre pose!

Sweet success! But I had to warn these 2, “If you mention pj’s again, I’ll make each of you a pair and make you wear them in public.” They said, “HANDSOME PANTS!!!”

That sealed it.

Now head on over to MADE, check out her cool tutorials and make one for your big guy.

Have fun!



5 thoughts on “Handsome Pants

    • I know what you mean. There’s hardly anything I can make for boys aside from the obvious shorts/pants and shirt, yet they still have something to say about it… LOL! I can’t begin to imagine having girls! : )

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