Service with a Purple Smile

Just recently my family went out to eat at a nice Korean restaurant nearby to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We enjoyed the great food and appreciated the decent service, and our server handed this small note as we were walking out the door. I couldn’t read it without my glasses at the time so I just said a quick thank you and stashed it into my bag. I thought it was some new promo they wanted us to try on our next visit.

I just found it again in my bag today, all crumpled. I was ready to toss it in the trash until I decided to finally read it.

Hey, how classic is that? I mean, how many handwritten notes (and in purple, green and red at that) do you get from restaurant servers, right? (Sorry but I had to blur the name of the place. I didn’t want to put this lady in a sensitive situation if this was something she did on her own without her boss’ approval.) If she handed this out to all the tables she waited on, I can imagine how much time she must have put in making them just for her customers to leave with a smile. I thought it was quite endearing. Now I wish we had given her a bigger tip… oh well.

Little things like this have loads of lessons to learn from if we just stop awhile and think about it. We often go too fast to mind the details, the little efforts other people do for us, and many times we miss the point. We tend to complain a lot (I know I do), but there are more things around us to appreciate and be thankful for.

Hey, Jen. If you’re reading this, “gam sa hab ni da”… THANK YOU. And may God bless you, too.


One thought on “Service with a Purple Smile

  1. This is so awesome, Anne. I love those special touches. Life is so busy these days that it seems like people hardly slow down long enough to pay attention to the details. A note like that would make me want to go back for sure.

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