The sun will come out tomorrow.

Here I am, feeling all warm and cozy in my home, blogging away with a cup of coffee and some of the Old-fashioned Oatmeal Cookies I baked yesterday. Nothing to worry about because all my boys are around me, and that’s all that matters in the world. It’s starting to rain again and it just makes everything so perfect… NOT.

My heart aches for many of my people who are now suffering because of the non-stop rains all over Manila and neighboring cities. It’s been raining 4 days straight and school has been cancelled because the roads are literally flooded not only waist-deep, but neck-deep in low-level areas. Some houses are totally submerged. We are fortunate to be spared, but I cannot say the same for so many others.

Many have died, more are getting sick. People have left their homes underwater. Roads have become rivers where the only way to get anywhere is to swim or take a rubber boat. Families have taken shelter in covered courts, schools and churches, and they are all cramped with no clothes except what’s on their backs, no food, no electricity. Everything is wet. Think about the women, the children, the babies. It’s unthinkable.

When calamity strikes this way, one can get paralyzed and feel helpless. I cannot possibly be comfortable in my little nook while the rest of the city is suffering.

But we can do something to help. It is in times like this that the good in people comes out. We Filipinos call it “Bayanihan”. There is no word for it in English. It means the coming together of a whole community to help those in need even if it takes us out of our own comfort zones, even our own safety. As I write, relief goods are moving, donation of clothes, blankets, medicine, food and drinking water are being delivered. People are helping in the rescue, evacuation of families and search for those who are lost. Street vendors are giving away their goods to stranded commuters. Everyone is in this together.

Dear God, help us to find comfort and hope in a difficult time like this. And please. Let the sun come out tomorrow.


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