My features form with the change in the weather…

… we can… WE CAN WORK IT OUT!!!

Just when the rains have stopped and the sun is slowly coming out, we’re up for major cheers indeed! TEARS FOR FEARS IS HEEEERE!!!! This is going to be our second time to watch them live! WOOOOHOOOO!!!! I thought I’d never see them again after the 2010 concert. They’re baaaack!

Tears for Fears has been my favorite band since I was 15 and I have carried them in my heart up to now. Even my boys know their songs by heart (they should). Out of all the new wave bands in the 80s, it was only TFF and Depeche Mode that I ever cared to wear along with my black pants, black boots, chains and bracelets, and egg-white spiked hair! I wish I still had those and I’d be wearing them tonight. Oh well… we’re soooo excited!!!

When the wind blows,¬†when the mothers talk… when the wind blows, WE CAN WORK IT OUT!!!


4 thoughts on “My features form with the change in the weather…

  1. My best friend of 33 years went when they camt to Oz, she said they were fantastic, everybody looked as if they had a great time :)
    PS- subscribed to your blog now, looking forward to seeing how your sewing goes! If you check me out on Burdastyle, you will see how far it is possible to come in less than a year, good luck!
    Jenn x.

    • Thank you Jennifer! I can watch TFF Live over and over again as long as they are still TFF! I love them!
      Thank you for following me! I will check you out on Burdastyle. I need all the encouragement and inspiration can get for this baby love of mine…sewing! : )

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