70’s or 80’s?

I can’t decide. I grew up through the 70s and 80s and when it comes to music, both eras go deep in my heart. I just watched Tears for Fears live in concert recently and I almost screamed myself to tears. And now I’m listening to motown by the Blue-eyed Soul, Michael McDonald, and I’m in love again. While I was heavily influenced by my older brothers in the 70s through their jazz and disco music (I can name that tune!), my formative and fondest teenage memories were wearing black from head to toe with spiked up hair and jumping to 80s new wave (don’t talk to me past 1989, okay).

Don’t you think it’s sad that after the 80s, nothing is marked so distinctly anymore? I mean, if you got invited to a 70s or 80s party, you know exactly what to do, right? You’d probably dig deep in your parents closet (or my closet) and see what you can use. But have you ever been to a party that said, “Come in 90s attire” or “Let’s dance to the hits of 2000”? Haha that would be weird. No offense to the younger generation. That’s just the reality. All the past decades had a unique character all their own: the 40s, the 60s. I guess after the 80s, internet just took over and everything now is just a hodgepodge of the old and new.

I’m just glad I was born so long ago in an era so rich in culture and good music. Or maybe I’m just so… retro. : )


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