Little Thrills

You know what thrills me of late? It’s checking my stats and seeing this: 

Hahaha! I know it’s not much. I’m sure the old-timer bloggers out there have got the whole map of the world covered. I actually feel like I’m looking at the medals chart in the Olympics and it’s nice to see my country on top of the list, even just to imagine it. : )

I am just amazed that there is actually 1 in Netherlands who’s reading my stuff. And another in Malaysia! And in Austria there’s 2! To me that’s so awesome. It makes me feel responsible for what I post, making sure that I should encourage and inspire others, even if it’s just one soul on the other side of the globe. I am humbled and feel so privileged.

Thank you for your precious time to read. I am blessed.


2 thoughts on “Little Thrills

  1. hi! i didn’t want to comment but this post made me! :) i found your blog through your youtube post “how to play chinese jackstones”…. was talking about it with my sister coz i made bean bags for my kids few days ago and remembered playing with it with my sisters/friends when we were kids but couldn’t remember what it was called. then i got stuck reading your blog until i reached this post and told myself i had to at least say hi. :)

    • Wow! You just made my day! Thank you for taking the time out to say hi. I feel so blessed! And to think I’ve abandoned this blog due to a change in career (check the date of my last post — haha). Hmmm… I should really get back to blogging here again. Thank you for encouraging me. That felt really good. God bless you!

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