Easy Green Garden Shorts

ImageAs a post-trauma recovery from sewing that Orange Dress, I needed to take a dose of “easy” and thought of making a quick and no-brainer project…. a short version of my Handsome Pants! And it had to be a color faaaarrr away from orange, so we’re going green this time. Ahhh yes!

My 6-year old son, after getting the hang of wearing his Handsome Pants, said to me, “Can you please make me garden shorts? I like green garden shorts.” What can I say? You got it!

I found this nice green plaid cotton fabric with a slight stretch. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s the kind they use for button-down shirts. It was on sale so I quickly got a yard for this project. Guess how much? I really didn’t check because I just had to have it, and when I checked out at the counter, it was PhP 24.00 (Philippine Peso)… that would be about US$ 0.55. Sweet!

So I went back to Dana‘s website (she has really great tutorials on how to make clothes for kids– so adorable!) but this time I’m doing the Kid Shorts Tutorial. It’s the same as the flat-front pants pattern with pockets, but cut off at the knees. I was able to whip this up pretty fast. Here it is:ImageImage

This is the first and last time I’ll ever do rounded pockets, okay? It was hard to fold them in while stitching. And they kinda look girlish, don’t you think? Oh, never mind. Of course, I had to make the pockets with contrasting lining because I really have that tendency to complicate my life.ImageMy son was quite pleased and rushed out the garden wearing his new garden shorts as soon as I let him fit it!ImageImageThere’s really not much in our garden. He mostly waters the wall…Image … some dried leaves… Image… and shoots the hose over to our neighbors’ house.Image Oh ya, the dog’s bowl…

ImageImageAhhh… nothing like instant gratification!

So, what’s your sewing therapy project?


5 thoughts on “Easy Green Garden Shorts

  1. Yay! Love Dans’s tutorials! These turned out great! I’ve done the flat front tute before with just the front pockets. The back pockets look great! $.55 for a yard of fabric is super fantastic! I’m sending you a PM soon. Check your email. (Happy Day!)

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