Hair we go again…

It’s that dreaded note again from school… Right. I always try to get ahead so I can beat getting this note, but not this time. Alas, I’ve been too busy sewing – haha! Oh well.

I’ve been cutting the boys’ hair ever since they were born, save for maybe those times when I was sick (which is never) or when it falls on a time I just really can’t (which is rare). I can count maybe with one hand that they ever went to the barber, but I’d fix it anyway when they got back. So I guess I’m stuck (or they are – HA!) until I can no longer grab them by the ears for a good cut. Or if we ever get to that remote time when it’s no longer me but someone else who grabs their ear. Okay, let’s not go there.

Unfortunately, boys hair grows so fast (faster than a weed I think), and I dread each time I have to take out my shears. My friends ask me why I have to do it myself when a barber’s cut only costs P100 (about US$2.00) and they’re everywhere in the neighborhood. I know right? But I don’t know. I’ve stood by to watch the barber cut my son’s hair with an electric clipper and I never liked it (no offense to barbers). I’m very particular with how hair grows out and it’s not nice after a barber’s cut. But that’s just me.

I’m not an expert; never had formal training in cutting hair. It just seemed like common sense when they were toddlers (just cut around the ears, back and over the top). Maybe that visual of their ears getting cut was just too strong that I never had the courage to take them to the barbers. I preferred to do it myself and I guess I just got better as their heads got bigger and the hair got thicker. I learned along the way.

Funny thing is, my husband actually thinks I cut better than the barber (I bet it’s because it’s free of charge – so he thinks), so he’s one of my regular customers as well.

Now, I’m not just cutting 3 heads, but four! Honey, you better take me shopping.Each time, I am reminded of the great privilege of holding my son’s head, study how his hair grows, and think about how great God is for blessing me with a wonderful son. I also love that they sit still and do as I say for a full hour. Haha! In this context, I’m a bit glad God didn’t give me a girl… imagine the stress of making braids and all that stuff! : )Did you know that God knows the number of our hair? I certainly haven’t gone that far, but I actually know my son just by the look and feel of a patch of his hair. Imagine how God know us even more personally!I use this time to silently pray for my son, to ask some questions (those he cannot not reply to), or just share a tv show while we’re at it. It’s my own way of redeeming the time with them. Oh how they grow so fast (and I’m not talking about hair here)!Did I say I love how they sit still and do whatever I said? Yup. They do, as long as I have scissors in my hands. Well, at least most of them.

Okay, now I am so ready to get my own hair done at the salon and nobody can complain about it. Yay!!!


4 thoughts on “Hair we go again…

  1. Yep, I know what it’s like to get the ol’ clippers out for 4 heads of hair. I’m glad my Honey took over. Cutting boy’s hair is definitely not one of my strengths (Ha!Ha!). You’ve done a great job!

  2. Anne – Im offering to cut your hair since you cut everyone else’s hair, just dont sue me. My experiences are my own hair and Una’s hair. I guess I am better wih girls’ hair. God bless! (Adjing)

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