Because It’s My Birthday…

I don’t know about you but I like having birthdays. I don’t like the idea of growing older each time, but I like the part when everyone you love think about you on that one day when you were born (those who remember, at least). And that phrase, “Because it’s your birthday….” I’m allowed to do anything! My husband tells me I can go get whatever I want. I can get that second pair of shoes. I can get the works done at the salon. I can order my favorite lamb chops. I’m entitled to another piece of cake…. because it’s My birthday! Who doesn’t love that?

I’ve had 44 birthdays to date and I can’t remember not loving any one of them. But this 44th one was quite special. Firstly because it fell on a Sunday (the 16th) and the first order of the day was to celebrate it with my Creator, the one who gave me a birthday in the first place. Then everything else was truly yummy icing on the cake: the cheery greetings, the touching text messages, the thoughtful gifts, the warm hugs. There’s love all around me!

Of the many wonderful gifts I received, the most precious are the sweet handwritten letters from each of my boys.There is nothing I want more in the world than to know that my children love me, and that they think I’m the best.

I love having birthdays. Each one is a gift full of hope and surprises for another year. The hope of things unseen, and the surprises of things unexpected. And yet, even if my next one never comes, I know today that I have love. There’s my gift.


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