My Fabric Labels!

My labels are finally here! A few weeks back, I was looking over at my good neighbor Little Kids Grow, and I stumbled upon Shannon’s Clothing Labels post. It was just what I was looking for and needed (Thanks Shannon!). Since I started sewing my own dresses, I thought it would really be great to finish my pieces with my own label to make it look professional (we like to pretend, don’t we?). When I found out that it was actually possible without paying an arm and a leg, and it was so easy… I got super excited!

I discovered that there are 2 ways to come up with your own labels. One is to get those woven ones that look like they are designer brands, woven and shiny and just WOW, but they cost a lot and you have to order a lot. If you are like me and you just want your nice little logo on a few pieces and you’re not really planning to put up a fashion clothing line, the way to go is via Spoonflower.

I placed my order for a fat quarter, paid $12.90 including shipping (that’s only PhP 541.80), and after exactly 1 month of waiting (yes, 30 looooong days because it takes that long to ship to the Philippines) … DING DONG! Hellooooo Labels!!!!

First things first, as instructed, these labels went to the wash so that they can have a chance to shrink before they’re cut and stitched on the garment. Meanwhile, let me backtrack a bit and tell you how I did everything.

Step 1: DESIGN your logo using photoshop (or any graphic application). Make sure you know how big you want your labels to be and work with the actual size on 300 dpi resolution so that they’re nice and crisp. When done, save as jpeg file.

Here’s my design in jpeg format. I made 4 colors (because I just can’t decide) and 2 kinds: one is a patch label for the back of the neck, and the other is a side tab that sticks out (think Levis). I laid them out like so because I want them repeated this way all over the fabric. You don’t have to do this, of course, unless you’re as obsessed as I am. : ) If you’re a normal person, you’d probably have just one design and you won’t need to repeat it because Spoonflower will do that for you. I pre-measured the allowances and provided a fine gray line as my cutting guide because they won’t do this for you. If you only have a single design, outline the whole area with a fine line and when it’s printed, it will serve as your guide.

Step 2: UPLOAD and ORDER. Go to Spoonflower website.

Click CREATE and select Custom Fabrics. CHOOSE your file from your computer. Then hit UPLOAD FILE. When it’s loaded, it will take you to this page:

1. Choose REPEAT 2. Click CHANGE DPI 3. Type in 300 4. Choose your FABRIC and SIZE 5. Hit ADD TO CART.

Step 3: CHECK OUT. Then you can pray as I did that it will not get lost in the mail (it usually does out here where I live).

Step 4: WAIT. This is the hardest part. But when they finally arrive…

Step 5: JUMP FOR JOY! Yaaaaayyy!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! They are just as I envisioned them to be, but better because they’re now printed on very nice fabric (I chose Kona Cotton). The colors are exactly the same as they are on my computer except that the fabric has absorbed the ink, which makes for a natural effect… PERFECT!

Here they are after washing.

Sorry about the very poor ironing skills, but never mind, that will do. I can’t wait! I don’t think the fabric shrunk significantly. If anything, the lines are stretched out of line, but nothing a little tugging and yanking can’t fix. Let’s count how many I got for $12.90…

I got 66 tab labels and 66 patch labels… a total of 132 in assorted colors! Not bad, right? I don’t think I can sew that many pieces in 5 years! : ) Ok, now let’s do this…

Step 6: CUT.

I’m glad I put those lines in place and they printed out very clearly. Even the very fine white outline around my design turned out very crisp.

Step 7: FOLD AND PRESS. Neatly fold on the lines and iron the flaps flat.


As you can see, I made the tab labels in such a way that they will create a back-to-back effect when folded. See?

Never mind that I burned my fingers a few times as I pressed these little ones. That’s better than paying a full arm and leg, right? Hah hah! Aren’t they neat?

So meanwhile, they can sit tight in this long chip clip until I need them.

Step 8: STITCH!

Ok. Well, that’s the idea. I have yet to find the best stitch width for this, but that will do for now. I only did 2 sides (to seal the flaps) and then stitch the 2 other sides on the garment like this: (Hey, my orange dress!)

There! It’s not perfect, but who cares, right? I’m sure I’ll get better as I get used to working with these tiny labels. They really should be sewn in before the garment is finished anyway. And note to self: Make the labels bigger next time! : )

Now, I feel like sewing on one of those tabs. Let me get that Green Garden Shorts


I have an idea just now. I can actually do this with my boys’ names on it and I can sew it on inside their jeans! My husband and 2 older boys all have same sized jeans and it’s a problem when they get all mixed up in the laundry and in the closets, and I’m the only one who can tell which one belongs to whom. EUREKA!!!!



P.S.. I want to make special mention that Spoonflower‘s customer service is GREAT. When I thought I’d never get my shipment at my doorstep and on time due to our inefficient postal service, Stephen of Spoonflower was ready to replace my order and ship it again to another address. But, by some miracle, my doorbell did ring and it actually arrived on the day they said it would, on the dot! Thank you, Stephen Beck of Spoonflower, for your patient assistance as I nervously waited for my labels. I so appreciate it. God bless you!


7 thoughts on “My Fabric Labels!

  1. Aren’t they ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC?!!! (The labels and Spoonflower, that is.) I am so pleased with mine and the price really can’t be beat. I might venture out for the fancy woven labels one day, but not anytime soon. Love, love your colors, Anne. Awesome! (Thanks for the nod :)).

  2. Ohh teacher Anne! In case you need someone to do labels for you asap, I know of a shop here who makes them for you, minimum of only 25 :) and the shipping doesn’t cost much :p

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