Easy Tuna Pesto Pasta

Here’s another easy-peasy recipe that I always serve for dinner when our pantry is empty and we can’t squeeze in a trip to the grocery. It’s a good thing I always have tuna and pasta tucked in the cupboard and some home-made pesto stored in the freezer for days like this. This recipe serves all 4 of us (the little one doesn’t care for it) and enough left over for the boys’ packed lunch to school the next day. Do you have 10 minutes? Here we go! 

What you need:

I use 1 can plain tuna and 1 can hot and spicy, total of about 200g. Drain.A whole cup would even be better!

Or go for a whole cup. Cheesier is better! 

What to do:I wish I had more cheese but that’s the last of it. 


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