The Boy In The Hoodie

For the longest time, my 14 year-old son had been bugging me to get him a plain white hoodie so he could print his own design on it. It took me almost a year to finally get one because no one sold any plain white hoodie anywhere in this side of the globe. At least, not the kind that would fall in under his requirements, which are PLAIN and WHITE.

Here’s his self-inspired self-portrait wearing his self-designed signature hoodie:Yeah. He said it used to be him, but not anymore (whew). I think it’s cool. Let’s just try not to over-analyze it and focus on this project, okay? : ) 

He drew the design for me so I could “get it”.

Good thing I found some inexpensive ones online and ordered them just in time before my brother came back from a quick visit to California (the only way I can get anything delivered to me from the US without paying an arm and a leg or waiting 100 years).Perfectly PLAIN and WHITE just the way he likes it. Time to trace the smiley face onto the garment… piece of cake.

I wanted to make sure to use something that will have no chance of running its color on to the white fabric. A permanent marker would look too “I drew it myself”-y and unprofessional (because we are pros, you know). We needed to make it look grundgy and “natural”, you know what I mean? So I got some of his old worn-out black school socks and cut them up

to make the eyes and mouth.“Umm, no, Mom. It’s supposed to look like his mouth was stitched together.” Oh. “And it’s supposed to be NOT neat, y’know, like it’s messed up.” Right. Got it.

Let’s stitch the eyes first and see how it goes.At first I was being my OC self, straightening up my stitches and all. “Come on, mess it up some more, Mom.” Okay, okay. This is hard.There. How’s this? “Yeah! Better!” Let’s see the back…

Ugh. So much for the straight stitches.

For the mouth, I decided to use black yarn and just poked some X’s on there. I top stitched across the X’s and went back and forth to make the line more visible, and so it doesn’t get snagged in the wash (maternal concerns). I didn’t realize not caring about making it straight can be so liberating! 


How’s this for grundgy?“So cool, Mom!” Sorry son, I don’t do tails, okay? : )

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great grundgy day!



2 thoughts on “The Boy In The Hoodie

    • Are you kidding me? These guys are way beyond my league! But they’re more into illustration, animation and film making. They call themselves Blast Off! Brothers and they have a youtube channel. It’s unbelievable what they do. : ) Thanks for checking in, friend!

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