Simple Tuna Mayo Spread

Here’s one thing that’s always in my fridge for those “What’s there to eat?” afternoons. It’s a basic recipe you can build on, like add cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. You can never go wrong with this one.  Continue reading


Baked Chicken with Mushroom Sauce


I made some improvements on this recipe because, while it was as yummy as can be, I found the sauce a little too wet. When I checked again how Inday does it, I made a few notes, and decided to adjust the recipe and post the improved version. Here it is!  Continue reading

Kung Pao Fish with Tofu

We were invited for dinner last week (more like we invited ourselves) for our usual Friday Night Iron-Sharpening Group, and my dear friend, Mitch, the hostess with the mostest, served this super yummy dish that I just had to make myself. And because it’s soooo easy and deeelish, it has earned it’s place right here. Let me share it with you.  Continue reading


Grilled Chicken Pesto (Super Easy)

I find myself cooking more than baking these days, which is so not me. I’d rather bake in the oven rather than cook on top of it, really… EXCEPT on those few occasions when an executive chef like my dear friend Myrna Prats coaches me with a SUPER EASY dish Continue reading