Handy Ways for 2013

I want to share with you what I got in the mail today. Totally awesome household tricks that are pure genius and will make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that!” These are not mine, so I give all the credit to the ones who “invented” these and the one who put it together. If you are that person, you are awesome!

Here they are:

image001 image003 image015 image014 image017 image016 image005 image004 image007 image006 image009 image008 image011 image010 image013 image012

Enjoy the new year!



Just Dive In!

Hey! I’m back. I think. I’m facing a stretch of challenges right now and it has kept me from writing. I’ve been distracted a bit lately. I’m realizing that one does not need to do it all and that there is always a time for everything. I think they call it priorities and setting them straight. Mine’s a bit out of whack lately, so I took some time out to make some adjustments. Raising teenage boys plus a little one that requires special attention is enough to fill my day. Then there’s family, school, church, work, a career move… and the holidays! I need to count my A’s before my B’s. I’m just thankful that I have God to carry me through and my husband right beside me.

What does one do when faced with challenges? Gear up and dive in! There can be some strain at the start but as you go one stroke at a time, and keeping your focus on the goal, you can get back on track. And before you know it, you’ve done it!

I think that’s what I’ll do. : )

Moms Know Moms at Little Kids Grow!

Hey you Moms out there! Shannon at Little Kids Grow just put up an awesome interview series called Moms Know Moms “featuring wonderful moms who will share their experiences and offer real life advice just for you.” Some of the categories for the series include:

  • Finding Balance
  • Digital Mom Savvy
  • Family Traditions
  • Adoption
  • Transition/Change
  • Raising Boys
  • Raising Girls
  • Growing Families
  • And so much more!

And guess what? I was her first interviewee! Yaaaay!

Aww shucks, I’m blushing… : ) To read my portion of the series, just click on my photo above or this link.

Go on and check out what other women LIKE YOU have to say about taking on that role that is least celebrated, that job that you will never get paid for but you can’t quit from, that title that’s being called 1,000,000 times a day, that place you will not give up for anything in the world… being a MOM! It’s happening for the whole of October, so keep checking in at Little Kids Grow, and don’t forget to leave a nice comment! : )



What’s Your National Anthem?

I was recently at the Cultural Center of the Philippines to watch the Phantom of the Opera with my family. It’s the first time this show was ever staged here in Manila in light of their 25th anniversary celebration, and we were so excited! We all dressed up for the night, not only because it is THE broadway musical to watch, Continue reading

How Flammable Are We?

As I go through life trying to accomplish things that seem to fulfill the ultimate purpose of my existence here on earth (at least to my thinking), one Sunday’s message reminded me that in the end, all things will be burned up and nothing will be spared. It’s not about things like our houses, cars, clothes, or even our bodies (those are a given!). I’m talking about what I have done in my life, my relationships, my family, my achievements at work, my service in church, my actions, my words, my thoughts, my heart. It makes me wonder which ones will endure the flames. I am terrified at the thought.  Continue reading

The Art of Giving & Receiving


You know how it is when you go through lengths of finding the perfect present for a friend, and after wrestling with your wallet, you buy it anyway because it’s just so her? Or for the crafty ones, you summon up all your creative juices and make a one-of-a-kind piece with her favorite color? Or for the keepers among us (that’s me), you struggle with that cherished old treasure you know your friend will love? Then you wrap it in pretty paper with matching ribbon, write a sweet and thoughtful note on the card, and then you can’t wait to give it because you know it’s just so perfect! Then you’re so excited to give it, and when you finally do, Continue reading

To Divisoria With Love

This newfound love of mine (a.k.a. sewing) has given me plenty of reasons to go to this shopping haven called Divisoria. This is Manila’s center for bargains shopping where you can find all sorts of stuff from clothes, shoes, fabric, jewelry, home accessories, gadgets and gizmos, and stuff you never thought you needed…all for dirt cheap! At 9 in the morning, as we approached the center of it all, this was the most welcoming of sights:  Continue reading